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Hidden Lab KIDS full box


Product Description

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What if you had an extraordinary hidden lab?

Limited release of one of our favorite past boxes, this includes:
• Exclusive teaser
• 8x10 archival art print (mounted in presentation sleeve)
• Leather Messaging Wrist Wallet
• Lab Signal-Bulb Light
• Floating Color Motion Drops (color varies)
• Dr. Pim's Tesseract Doorway Kit
• C.H. Hinton Epiphany Co. "Light Bulb Moment" Notes Box
• Parent's Guide
• Custom Storied Ephemera and more...

Limited release boxes ship within 10 business days. Available to US only.

This collection is the story of a magical lab that moves with you, ready when you need it. Designed to encourage invention, creativity, and an awareness that every choice we make can be powerfully fantastic.

"A door opened by creativity, intelligence, and wit. Also, no big deal or anything, but it allows for inter-dimensional travel via a pocket tesseract...!!!"

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