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What if you found a hidden door? Step through. The room awaits.

Limited release of one of our favorite past boxes, this includes:
• Exclusive teaser
• 8x10 archival art print (mounted in presentation sleeve)
• Hand-crafted Keeping Box (each is different and may not be as pictured)
• Marble Salt Cellar with brass spoon
• Sea Salt Slide Tin
• Chamomile and Aloe Vanishing Cream for sensitive skin
• Stork Embroidery Scissors
• Wax-sealed Cartographer's Bottles
• Custom Storied Ephemera and more...

Limited release boxes ship within 10 business days. Available to US only.

This collection is the story of the Keepers. If you've ever had dreams about hidden rooms in your home or longed to be recognized as more than who everyone sees, this box is for you.

"Those who walk this way with you know that whatever their great talent may be, it will be magnified here within these walls. This day you are reborn a Keeper."

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