Our Mini Story Box is finally here!

Our Mini Story Box includes all of the magical original story elements from our full Story Box plus one featured object.

Since our launch in 2015, we've heard from you that you would love a box that was just the story. Whether you are trying to save money or space, our Mini Story Box is the answer to your call at $23.99 a quarter (or less with an annual plan!).

On a budget? Going minimal? Our Mini Story Box is yours.

Just as with our full Story Box, you receive a Wonder Welcome* (including intro card, 5x7 print, and more)  followed by a mysterious teaser arriving unannounced ahead of your full box.
*Mini Story Box subscribers receive their Wonder Welcome with their teaser delivery.

All original stories created just for you. Options available for both adults and kids.

"I bought this for date nights with my wife. We take the teaser and open the box and talk about it over dinner. I want everything I buy to remind me of a story now. You've ruined me. We love it."
- James K.

Unbox a Story.

What can you expect? How is it different from the full Story Box?

The love of storytelling is a strong pull. In our full Story Box, the objects are part of the story, meant to bring joy when you use them, remembering the adventure that brought them to you. With the Mini Story Box, we want to balance the more minimal request with the robust story delivery for which we are known.

The Mini Story Box includes all of the original story elements of that quarter's full Story Box (letters, drawings, maps, found pieces) plus one featured object. That piece, whether on your desk or shelf or bedside table, is a powerful reminder to look with wonder at the world around you.


"I can't stop thinking about the box and it's been a week.
Is it weird that the objects take on more meaning the more time passes?
It's amazing the details I keep finding."
- Marcia

How it works

1. Select your subscription

• Adult or Kids
• Story Box or Mini Story Box
• Plan (1 quarter or 4 quarter prepay)

Create your account. Make changes anytime (cancel, skip, swap, etc). You're in control!

Want to send a gift?
You have the option for your gift to renew or not. Make your choice at checkout and let the wonder begin!

2. Magical teasers arrive

Our Story boxes are delivered simultaneously once a quarter (once every 3 months) with unexpected surprises arriving unannounced weeks ahead of your box.

Story Box subscribers receive a Wonder Welcome within 10 days with intro card, 5x7 print, and more... followed by their teaser delivery. Mini Box subscribers receive your Wonder Welcome with your teaser delivery.

Full Story Box plans as low as $48 a quarter. That's less than $16 a month with our most popular plan of 4 quarter prepay!

3. Unbox your Wonderful Objects for a whimsical escape

Created to encourage imagination, each Story Box is designed for you to relish the unboxing experience. Use the Wonderful Objects enclosed as reminders to take time to dream and embrace adventure.

Made with quality storytelling in mind. The contents are a mysterious surprise but there are no mysteries to solve. No right or wrong answers. This is your sacred moment of permission to escape into the wonderful.

Each quarter sells out quickly so reserve your spot!