How do I... do it?

Wonderful Objects is more than a mystery box. Unlike most subscription boxes, ours is more than pretty things tossed in a box. Every detail is mindful, down to the way we pack the box and present each object. We build in delayed gratification to encourage you to take your time, building the story as you unbox it. More than anything, we want you to slow down, suspend your disbelief, and pretend for a moment that your delivery really did arrive from a fantastical place.

The key? Ask yourself "What if...?" when you use your objects.

When your teaser arrives weeks ahead of your box, the particular adventure of the quarter begins. Maybe it will be obvious who it's from: "Dear friend, the enclosed items were discovered by the old willow where we last spoke." Or maybe you sent them back from an adventure: Was it you who tore off one of the flying lessons from the Icarian Flight School flyer?

Your mystery box arrives once every 3 months full of wonderful objects and mysterious fragments of stories hinted at in your teaser. It's those story elements, the ephemera, that imbue magic into what may otherwise be beautiful yet practical items.

Grabbing your Kraken travel mug on the way to work transforms you from a commuter to a fearless captain of a wicked vessel. As you face down the murky waters of your regular day ahead, you are reminded to ask, "What if magic is real? What could I do if only I remember to look with new eyes?"

"What could have been ordinary objects became so much more. I put my wing tray next to my bed to put my earrings in at night and now think 'What if I could fly?' before I go to sleep. All of it really is magical."
- Sophie

Unbox a Story.

Our subscribers are dreamers. They believe (or want to believe) in the fantastic and are experts at willing suspension of disbelief.

Our customers are captivated by details so we skillfully layer surprises into each delivery to give them the unique experience they crave.

If you are looking for a feeling that lasts...  if you want to inspire your kids to stretch their powers of imagination...  if you desire the objects in your home to bring you joy...
Join us today!


"I can't stop thinking about the box and it's been a week.
Is it weird that the objects take on more meaning the more time passes?
It's amazing the details I keep finding."
- Marcia

When does it ship? When am I billed?

Wonderful Objects ships our Story Boxes simultaneously once every quarter (once in 90 days/ 3 months) with your teaser arriving ahead of your full mystery box. Wonder Welcome deliveries are shipped within 10 days* of your order, making them the perfect gift to have in-hand, regardless of where we are in a given shipping cycle. *Mini Story Box subscribers receive their Wonder Welcome with their teaser.

Shipping our mystery boxes simultaneously is necessary to retain the mystery and surprise of each quarter's theme and objects. We are not an on-demand gift shop (important to know if you're in a hurry!). That means that you'll receive your first full box within 90 days from the day you first subscribe, assuming we are not in a PRE-SALE* for the following quarter. Every 3 months, the process repeats and the wonder continues.
*we will note on our front page if we are in PRE-SALE; see our FAQ for how PRE-SALE works

Joining Wonderful Objects means opting into a quarterly subscription that bills you according to the plan you select: automatically re-billing either every quarter (once every 3 months) or once a year. Our best discount is available when you pay annually.

We process your first payment as soon as you subscribe. We process all other auto-renewals in advance of your next shipment based on your chosen plan, no sooner than two weeks after delivery of the final quarter in your plan. You can cancel or skip a shipment any time with just a few clicks after logging into your account.

"I bought this for date nights with my wife. We take the teaser and open the box and talk about it over dinner.
I want everything I buy to remind me of a story now. You've ruined me. We love it."
- James K.

How it works

1. Select your subscription

• Adult or Kids
• Story Box or Mini Story Box
• Plan (1 quarter or 4 quarter prepay)

Create your account. Make changes anytime (cancel, skip, swap, etc). You're in control!

Want to send a gift?
You have the option for your gift to renew or not. Make your choice at checkout and let the wonder begin!

2. Magical teasers arrive

Our Story boxes are delivered simultaneously once a quarter (once every 3 months) with unexpected surprises arriving unannounced weeks ahead of your box.

Story Box subscribers receive a Wonder Welcome within 10 days with intro card, 5x7 print, and more... followed by their teaser delivery. Mini Box subscribers receive your Wonder Welcome with your teaser delivery.

Full Story Box plans as low as $48 a quarter. That's less than $16 a month with our most popular plan of 4 quarter prepay!

3. Unbox your Wonderful Objects for a whimsical escape

Created to encourage imagination, each Story Box is designed for you to relish the unboxing experience. Use the Wonderful Objects enclosed as reminders to take time to dream and embrace adventure.

Made with quality storytelling in mind. The contents are a mysterious surprise but there are no mysteries to solve. No right or wrong answers. This is your sacred moment of permission to escape into the wonderful.

Each quarter sells out quickly so reserve your spot!