Send magic to the wonderful mothers in your life.

Wonderful Objects is more than a mystery box. Beginning with a magical teaser arriving weeks ahead of your box, this is a gift of wonder that is built to inspire.

Designed for the whimsical adult prone to getting lost in thought, only to emerge with a spectacular new idea, we are made for the dreamers. Every detail is mindful.

We want you to slow down, suspend your disbelief, and pretend for a moment that your delivery really did arrive from a fantastical place. The key is to ask yourself "What if...?" when you use your objects. Look with wonder at the world around you and the possibilities are endless.

"I bought this for date nights with my wife.
We take the teaser and open the box and talk about it over dinner... We love it."
- James K.

Storytelling with physical objects...

Once a quarter, we invite you to let wonder in. Wonder is about surrender. It's about magic.

What can you expect? How does it work?

Wonderful Objects is a quarterly subscription mystery box that ships simultaneously once every 3 months with exciting teasers arriving in advance.

Our focus is on high quality objects that tell a story through a carefully crafted theme that changes with each quarter. When your teaser arrives weeks ahead of your box, the particular adventure of the quarter begins.

You can expect several objects in each mystery box plus custom-made story elements. Our hand-picked objects are from an ever-changing variety of categories including delightful goods for the home and creative space, wearable treasures (from baubles to perfume), brilliant stationery and writing implements, limited edition art pieces and more. Our story elements (ephemera) are custom-made for you and have quickly become our subscribers most anticipated and favored parts of the experience.

Andrew Stanton of Pixar says, "The best stories infuse wonder." We couldn't agree more.

Goosebumps and tickled smiles are to be anticipated.

How "Give a Gift" Works

1.  Click " GIVE A GIFT " to select your experience (select for adults or kids).
2.  Choose how many quarters you would like to send (1, 2, or 4).
3.  Enter a gift message to be sent via email.
All you need is your recipient's email address.
You can select a specific date on which you'd like the gift notification to be sent.
Gifts do not auto-renew.

Our next teasers begin arriving late May so order today before we sell out again!

Past Boxes

What if magic is real? Box No. 1:  A walk-through of the experience
"What if magic is real?" opened the doors to your imagination in our premiere Wonderful Objects mystery box for Whimsical Adults.

Dear friend...

Days before the arrival of your first box, a mysterious envelope arrived. Written by a friend, the enclosed items returned objects that were discovered under the old willow where you last spoke.

A flyer for a palm reading with "meet at Old Calliope's gate at rise of Harvest moon" scrawled on the back. A well-worn moon phases guide, scrolled to protect a charm. Were these to be used for that meeting with the palmist?

A business card for Eckhardt Gribbshank & Sons: Catchers of Fairie and Meddlesome Creatures. And a sachet to be applied to a looking glass for a brief glimpse of your future, to be used with caution.

The meaning of these items is not for us to decipher. The magic is yours to discover.

The magic is in the questions. How did you meet this friend? Where did you go? Who is Old Calliope? Why can you only meet the fairy catcher at Fuddy Pim's Inn? Will you ever get to go back?

What if magic is real?

Every Wonderful Objects mystery box answers the question "What if...." and invites you to unbox a story. We give you hints to what that story entails but never outright answer all of the mesmerizing possibilities. The wonder is up to you.

"What if magic is real?" continued the story begun in your letter days prior.

As will all Wonderful Objects boxes, our premiere box contained several objects plus custom-made ephemera designed to remove the limits of your imagination.

A tote featuring a constellation zoo, vintage reproduction of a constellation card (to be held to lamplight or moonlight to view the constellation), Madame Mysterio soap, hand-painted feather pen, custom designed Hiraeth art print inspired specifically by your mystery box.
And more.

A mix of whimsical and practical objects, all imbued with the quarter's theme and packaged in a way to encourage you to slow down and enjoy the unboxing. It's not just a box of pretty things.
Wonderful Objects is an experience.

Box No. 2:  What if you could fly?

Flying Lessons teaser mini-box

Arriving a few weeks before the full box, subscribers received a mini-box from the Icarian Flight School.

Ready to sign up for flying lessons? Choices included Fantastic Beast, Hot Air Balloon, Wings, Broom, and more... though one choice was missing.
Our favorite? Air Swimming.

Your receipt from the flight school indicated you are paid in full though all lessons required appropriate eyewear. Fortunately, flight goggles were included in your mini-box teaser.

What if... you could fly?

Flying lessons would come in handy if you suddenly discovered the ability to take to the skies without a ticket. Would you hop into a zeppelin or would you lift from the ground on your own enthralling power?

Where would you go? What would you see? What would you need?

Soar by your own design

Ephemera included archive-quality patent illustration prints for RJ Spalding's Flying Machine and a ghostly palm print of Amelia Earhart, captured for a palm reader a few years before her disappearance. We met a palm reader in our last box... could it be Old Calliope?

Be daring and focused

The magic of this box was the endless possibilities that the freedom of flight presents. Is it really about flying or is it about dreaming... jump now and build your wings on the way down.

In the spirit of Icarus, we believe in the exhilarating power of risk.

Objects from the flight box included Feather and Wax soy candles, handcrafted small batch dark chocolate, handmade organic Flight Balm lip balm, a luxurious handcrafted scarf from London, and more.

As usual, 70%+ of our objects and ephemera were either handcrafted or custom designed for Wonderful Objects.

"What could have been ordinary objects became so much more. I put my wing tray next to my bed to put my earrings in at night and now think 'What if I could fly?' before I go to sleep. All of it really is magical."
- Sophie

Limited Editions so order today!
Mother's Day Sale ends Monday May 9, 2016.