Creating wonder is what we do best.

Wonder and Company is a family lifestyle and imagination destination. The founders are award-winning writers and editors with backgrounds in film, psychology, and luxury retail. Evocative storytelling through physical objects comes naturally for us and we are thrilled to invite you on this adventure.

We created Wonder and Company out of a love of whimsy and the wide-eyed discoveries of childhood. Wonderful Objects is Wonder and Company come to life.

Come on a journey with us without leaving your home. The possibilities are endless. Wonder abounds.

Storytelling with physical objects...

Once a quarter, we invite you to let wonder in. Wonder is about surrender. It's about magic.

We  create for you that heart-fluttering feeling that sweeps in at the precipice of adventure. Wonderful Objects are waiting to entertain and surprise you. Boxes available for whimsical adults and kids.

What can you expect? Our focus is on high quality, original storytelling through a carefully crafted theme that changes with each quarter. In our full Story Box, you can expect several objects per box plus custom-made story elements. For our Mini Story Box, you receive all of the fantastic story elements plus one featured object.

Our hand-picked objects are from an ever-changing variety of categories including delightful goods for the home and creative space, wearable treasures (from baubles to perfume), brilliant stationery and writing implements, limited edition art pieces and more. Our story elements (ephemera) are custom-made for you and have quickly become our subscribers most anticipated and favored parts of the experience.

Opening your box is an experience in itself. We ask that you take your time; make a ritual of it. Make a hot cup of tea or coffee, pour a glass of wine, find a quiet space, and give yourself 5 or 10 minutes to give in to the escape. Pretend these wonderful objects really are from an amazing voyage. For a moment, let it be magic.

Andrew Stanton of Pixar says, "The best stories infuse wonder." We couldn't agree more.

Goosebumps and tickled smiles are to be anticipated.

Past full Story Boxes
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Adult Boxes
Designed for the whimsical adult.
It's not about the objects. It's about what makes the objects wonderful: The experience and you.

What if... the constellations invited you to a forest ball?


What if... you have the power to harness luck?


What if... you could time travel?


What if... you inherited a tourist trap?


What if... you unlocked a spellbound garden?


What if... you could fly?


What if... magic is real?


Have a wonderful idea for a future quarter?

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Kids Boxes
Designed for ages 9-14.
Each mystery box includes a Parent's Guide full of questions to ignite the imagination.

What if... there's a place where the stars bring your bedtime stories to life?


What if... kindness creates luck?


What if... you could navigate time itself?


What if... you were a legend hunter?


A walk-through of a few experiences
"What if magic is real?" opened the doors to your imagination in our premiere Wonderful Objects mystery box for Whimsical Adults.

Dear friend...

Days before the arrival of your first box, a mysterious envelope arrived. Written by a friend, the enclosed items returned objects that were discovered under the old willow where you last spoke.

A flyer for a palm reading with "meet at Old Calliope's gate at rise of Harvest moon" scrawled on the back. A well-worn moon phases guide, scrolled to protect a charm. Were these to be used for that meeting with the palmist?

A business card for Eckhardt Gribbshank & Sons: Catchers of Fairie and Meddlesome Creatures. And a sachet to be applied to a looking glass for a brief glimpse of your future, to be used with caution.

The meaning of these items is not for us to decipher. The magic is yours to discover.

The magic is in the questions. How did you meet this friend? Where did you go? Who is Old Calliope? Why can you only meet the fairy catcher at Fuddy Pim's Inn? Will you ever get to go back?

What if magic is real?

Every Wonderful Objects mystery box answers the question "What if...." and invites you to unbox a story. We give you hints to what that story entails but never outright answer all of the mesmerizing possibilities. The wonder is up to you.

"What if magic is real?" continued the story begun in your letter days prior.

As will all Wonderful Objects boxes, our premiere box contained several objects plus custom-made ephemera designed to remove the limits of your imagination.

A tote featuring a constellation zoo, vintage reproduction of a constellation card (to be held to lamplight or moonlight to view the constellation), Madame Mysterio soap, hand-painted feather pen, custom designed Hiraeth art print inspired specifically by your mystery box.
And more.

A mix of whimsical and practical objects, all imbued with the quarter's theme and packaged in a way to encourage you to slow down and enjoy the unboxing. It's not just a box of pretty things.
Wonderful Objects is an experience.

What if you could fly?
Adult Box

Flying Lessons teaser mini-box

Arriving a few weeks before the full box, subscribers received a mini-box from the Icarian Flight School.

Ready to sign up for flying lessons? Choices included Fantastic Beast, Hot Air Balloon, Wings, Broom, and more... though one choice was missing.
Our favorite? Air Swimming.

Your receipt from the flight school indicated you are paid in full though all lessons required appropriate eyewear. Fortunately, flight goggles were included in your mini-box teaser.

What if... you could fly?

Flying lessons would come in handy if you suddenly discovered the ability to take to the skies without a ticket. Would you hop into a zeppelin or would you lift from the ground on your own enthralling power?

Where would you go? What would you see? What would you need?

Soar by your own design

Ephemera included archive-quality patent illustration prints for RJ Spalding's Flying Machine and a ghostly palm print of Amelia Earhart, captured for a palm reader a few years before her disappearance. We met a palm reader in our last box... could it be Old Calliope?

Be daring and focused

The magic of this box was the endless possibilities that the freedom of flight presents. Is it really about flying or is it about dreaming... jump now and build your wings on the way down.

In the spirit of Icarus, we believe in the exhilarating power of risk.

Objects from the flight box included Feather and Wax soy candles, handcrafted small batch dark chocolate, handmade organic Flight Balm lip balm, a luxurious handcrafted scarf from London, and more.

As usual, 70%+ of our objects and ephemera were either handcrafted or custom designed for Wonderful Objects.

What if you invented a device to talk with animals?
Kids' Box:  KYNGDOM: Power of Wing

To celebrate the launch of our kids' box, Wonder and Company partnered with historic children's publisher Cricket Media. As part of our 2-part mystery box (now completed), we and our subscribers helped create KYNGDOM, a multi-media interactive progressive story.

Click to learn more about Wonderful Objects for Kids :  An all-new adventure every quarter!

Competing groups introduced you to the world of KYNGDOM

It starts with a mysterious invitation (sent to early subscribers in December) from Dr. Sheepshank of Cypher Labs.

He invites you to join a team of young scientists building the Cypher, a machine to let humans speak with animals.

No sooner do you join the Cypher team than a strange letter arrives from B.I.G. (Brazen Inquiry Guild) inviting you to join their team to investigate a mysterious device. Sent by Professor Cornelia Hornshaw, she warns against trusting "that crackpot" Dr. Sheepshank.

The mystery goes deeper as you notice a strange note scrawled on the outside of the envelope pleading "Don't take the job!" with a muddy paw print.

Inside the letter is a card directing you to join other young scientists in the KYNGDOM Chatterbox forums hosted and moderated by Cricket Media editors. Our mystery has now gone interactive!

Welcome to KYNGDOM

Your mystery box arrives, full of objects inspired by the Power of Wing.

A gryphon graces the cover of an old book... but is it really a book? Open it to discover hidden tools to help in your exploration of KYNGDOM!

Secret codes are ready to be deciphered throughout your box, including a note wrapped around a crow's feather and along the edge of trading cards featuring fantastic beasts.

Hey, didn't the latest Wonderful Objects for Whimsical Adults box have flying lessons with fantastic beasts? And was the bird print decoration at the bottom of the "What if you could fly?" note actually this code?!

Magic is in the details

Inside your gryphon secret book box is a notebook straight from KYNGDOM. Use it to track your discoveries and puzzle out your clues. Somewhere in its pages are invisible notes only you can read with the help of the invisible ink pen and black light included in your delivery.

Use your pocket-size magnifying glass to read the tiny code wrapped around a crow's feather. The enclosed decoder should help you make sense of the urgent message.

Make-your-own story adventure

Dr. Sheepshank is the sender of your mystery box and shares that your objects come from all over KYNGDOM. He wonders at what the beautiful bird coins are but leaves the mystery to you. What do you think they could buy... or do?

A TOP SECRET folder contains blank dossiers for you to use to track characters that you meet. Need more? Print them from Cricket Media's Chatterbox forums any time!

Why aren't all of the trading cards illustrated? You'll need a place to illustrate the fantastic beasts you meet. And what's this on the back? If it looks like pieces of a map, you may just have a puzzle to solve.

Find more stories and clues to solve in select Cricket Media magazines (you can subscribe to them as part of our Kids' Box Bundle, too!) and in the Chatterbox. New codes and adventures post weekly and there are always kids engaging with each other, adding to the story and creating their own characters.

Unbox a story and make it your own!

Ready, yet?
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What if you unlocked a spellbound garden?
Adult Box

This key contains worlds

"Believe steadfastly."

Arriving weeks ahead of your mystery box, a quote from famed alchemist Nicolas Flamel begins our adventure.

Enclosed in a glassine envelope, secured with a black snake wax seal, is a key embedded with flower seeds.

Scrawled on the insect-emblazoned card are instructions to plant your key quickly and wait for the gate to appear.

What if... you unlocked a spellbound garden?

Secreted away from a walled garden, untouched by the menace of mortality, your wonderful objects arrive.

Vulnerable only to those with the sprouted key, the gate remained concealed for ages. The magic, long bound and tied dormant, is released.

Welcome to the alchemists' garden.
Journal entries of the alchemists who studied here have been gathered from within the abandoned garden walls and included for your study.

Peculiar findings invite wonder

Multiple scripts fill the journal pages, marking the movements of various alchemists and noting observations within the garden (trolls!), experiments with looking glass potions, and shared comments on each others' work.

"Perenelle has bestowed a curious object upon me for further study. A wax hand, containing suspended petals within, that appears to be charmed."

Until you can determine its origin, the perfumed wax is ideal for scenting a linen drawer or well-loved space.

Believe steadfastly

Let Wonderful Objects turn the leaden hours of your daily work into golden possibilities everywhere you look.

Included in your box is an archival print illustration from an alchemical treatise c. 1622, a botanical wax curiosity, insect stoneware tumbler, rhinoceros beetle keeping box, a variety of teas, mushroom sea salt, a custom-made solid "Troll Fat" lotion bar (courtesy of our friendly garden trolls), as well as a variety of custom handmade ephemera.

Are you called to the pursuit of the elixir of life? Your imagination itself ensures your immortality.

What if you found an underground labyrinth?
Kids' Box:  KYNGDOM: Power of Claw

The conclusion of our 2-part interactive progressive story-making experience with children's publisher Cricket Media.

Click to learn more about Wonderful Objects for Kids :  An all-new adventure every quarter!

Competing groups introduced you to the world of KYNGDOM

A flyer for the Bog & Burrow Inn arrives weeks ahead of your mystery box... but it's far more than an announcement of live music and good grub.

Turn your flyer over and discover a hand-drawn labyrinth and mysterious scribbled message:

"Beneath the raucous venue of human laughter and grog lies a secret passage to where burrow reaches bog."

Below the labyrinth drawing is an encoded message waiting to be deciphered. Match the paw prints to those on the enclosed decoder to translate the code and discover the secret to the flowering seed-embedded key found in your envelope.

Hey, didn't the adult box have a flowering key? Could the labyrinth be connected to the spellbound garden? (hint: yes, according to the adult box ephemera, it lies below the garden!)

What if... you found an underground labyrinth?

Your mystery box arrives, full of wonderful objects vital to exploring an underground labyrinth.

In his final letter to you from the land of KYNGDOM, Dr. Sheepshank recaps relevant details from Part 1 of our story. So you haven't missed a thing if you just joined us!

"I write to you in a time of crisis. Kyngdom's finest animals and humans have ventured down below the Labyrinth Lands in search of secrets. They've been in those caves for weeks now. I'm certain they need your help."

To aid in your journey, he has enclosed flags to mark your path, a lantern to light your way (including a compass on top), and a journal for specimen-tracking.

Closer inspection reveals hidden codes on the back of the notebook sleeve. And do these codes differ from the burlap-shrouded code sealed with a crown? Oh no! The B.I.G. (Brazen Inquiry Guild) has infiltrated our deliveries. You'll have to use their round decoder to learn more.

Crack open hours of discovery

The Gribbshank Mining Co., serving the Labyrinth Lands since 1392, provides a smashing good time with geodes!

Our enclosed Parents' Guide and safety directions instruct you to put on your included safety goggles, drop your geodes in the bag, and tap with a hammer  (and an adult) to reveal the crystals inside. What colors did you get?

Long-term adult subscribers may remember the Gribbshank family name from our "What if magic is real?" adult box as the family of fairy-catchers. Is this a family branch broken off?

Trading cards document creatures to be found in the Labyrinth Lands. Turn them over and piece together a map! Metal bug models challenge our older kid subscribers to hours of delicate and detail-oriented building.

No wrong answers in imagination

What do the codes mean? Who are these characters and creatures? What do the ceramic painted coins do or buy?

We promise not to provide any definitive answers. Whatever you and your child imagine the answer to be is right.

What you imagine is also far better than anything we could ever tell you.

Wonderful Objects is about imagination. The objects are wonderful but they aren't the point.

Wonderful Objects for Kids is designed to take time. Subscribers share of noticing details weeks after receiving their deliveries. That's the point.

Unleash your child's imagination. Encourage them to take what they imagine and draw a picture, write a play, make their own codes, write a story, or shoot a video!

These wonderful objects are just the beginning.

Are you ready now? Limited Editions so subscribe today!